Women stuff

Women stuff

I would like to share a little bit of info about ‘healthy breasts’.

Of course I am aware of genes & more…….but being aware of your health will not harm you.
Normally my blog are my words, today’s words are Nathalie Jagir Kaur Peters shared the full article which was in several newspapers and social media.

I would like to inform you about the ‘do’s’:

1. Exercise 40 minutes a day
2. Make sure your sleep well ‘sleep in a dark room’
3. 15 minutes a day outside! No sunscreen but sun on your bare arms/legs/face (please don’t be ashamed in winter:))
4. Veggy food!
5. Use 2 spoons flax seed in your first meal of the day
6. Use 2 tea spoons Kurkuma
7. 3 wines a week max
8. Eco cleaners Ecover (Nathalie’s suggestion: baking powder / vinegar)
9. Keep food & drinks in glas, ceramics or rvs (instead of plastics)
10.Don’t use hormones!
11. No cosmetics with parabenes & ftalaten (toothpaste, shampoo, naillack, facial
creames, deo)
12. 1 hour a week sweating by sauna or sport

Make sure you don’t get a heart attack after reading these do’s:)

October Pink Ribbon month

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