Hatha yoga & relaxing piano & special incenses

Hatha yoga & relaxing piano & special incenses

De dagen worden korter.
Het wordt weer tijd om lekker te ontspannen. Deze workshop brengt ULTIEME WELLNESS.
Nights are getting longer, winter is coming so we need more time to relax. This workshop brings relaxation (and regular yoga practice too) PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO JOIN AND REGISTRATE FOR THIS ULTIMATE WELLNESS WORKSHOP.

Tuesday 15th November, 2 sessions:
1 session at 10.00 am
1 session at 20.00 pm

We talk about Japanese philosophy, awareness, spirituality, culture & incenses.
There will be soft live music by Yoshimi Kawai.

We practice slow Hatha Yoga during a short session (about 20 minutes) by Marie-José.
Closing with Piano during Savasana (just lying down on the yogamat) music also by Yoshimi.

€ 15,00
Please join us & register first 06-15579525

Hope to welcome you! Yoshimi & Marie-José

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