Yoni’s eggs? What is it ?
What’s the use of an egg from Yoni?
The egg will allow you to develop a toned perineum but not that;)
What’s the use of having a tonic perineum
Taking care of this part of your body allows you to:
Avoid urinary leakage
Avoiding organ descent
Develop a good knowledge and awareness of her vagina and pelvis
Improve issue oxygenation, increase blood, energy, lymphatic and hormonal circulation
Stimulate libido and awaken sexual energy
Have better lubrication (the egg stimulates the Bartolin gland inside the vagina, which is ideal for postmenopausal women)
Better control and management of penetration
Have more pleasure when penetrating
Increase your sexual pleasure and that of your partner
Improve the emotional state thanks to the virtues of the stone
And many other benefits that you will discover when using Yoni’s egg

For who?
For all women who want to regain their femininity, vitality and feminine power.
What is a Yoni egg?
The word Yoni in Sankrit means the genital organ of woman. It is also the symbol of the female energy called Shakti.
The egg of Yoni is a stone egg, there are different sizes and different stones. This egg is to place in your vagina, yes in your vagina, you read well 🙂
The use of Yoni’s egg began as a secret practice that evolved in ancient China. The use of the egg was only taught in the Royal Palace to queens and concubines. Some think it was originally taught as a practice to please the king while making love.
However, the benefits of the practice are much wider.
People who regularly use the egg have seen an increase in vitality, sexual energy and improved physical and spiritual health.
I confirm this from my experience. It may seem odd to introduce a stone egg into her vagina, but you have to admit it, you feel a change physically, emotionally and energetically. Moreover, it is a visible change by others. They do not know what has changed but there is something different. It’s pretty bluffing 🙂
Taoism is the foundation of Chinese philosophy and medicine. Think of acupuncture, massages and herbal therapies. These practices balance and increase what they call the Chi, which corresponds to the vital energy.
This vital energy is known in many cultures. For example it is called Prana in Ayurveda Indian medicine.
In the West, slowly but surely, we begin to recognize this energy (energy that the Taoists have known for thousands of years).
Western medicine has begun to recognize and confirm the benefits of good circulation of this vital energy in the body: regulation of hormones, activation of nerves and blood flow, and stimulation of the immune system to remain healthy regardless of our Age and seasons!
One thing is for sure, you do not need to become a Taoist master to enjoy the benefits and practice of this little magic egg.
In fact, with a good basic understanding and a good mentality and a good intention, everyone can benefit from it.
Upon your first order you will receive an e-guide to know how to use and maintain it and much more 🙂
The shape of the egg and its symbolic:
The egg is the first stage of life, the departure of the world, it resembles an egg.
It thus symbolizes:
the renaissance

How to choose your first Yoni egg?
Choosing a Yoni egg is a very personal thing and we think that every woman knows intuitively what suits her best. That said, if this is the first time you hear of Yoni’s eggs, you probably feel a bit lost.
In this page we will answer the main questions that women ask themselves when choosing their first Yoni egg and our recommendations.
If you still do not know where to start, or if you want to buy a Yoni egg as a gift for someone else, we offer you two options:
Which size to choose?
Yoni’s eggs are mainly 3 sizes: Large, medium and small.
Large: 35 × 50 mm
Medium: 30 x 40 mm
Small: 20 x 30 mm
For the first practices with the egg of Yoni, you must start with the average or the large size (Yes it seems against intuitive :)).
If you are less than 40 years old and have not had a child, you can start with a way. If you choose a large one then you can tone up your perineum even more (thanks to the weight).
For others, it is interesting to start with a great one. Within a few weeks of practice (about 2) you will be able to use a medium.
To be sure of your choice, just do a simple test:
Get up
Put a finger in your Yoni and contract
If your finger feels contraction then your perineum is toned, you can start with a way; If not, start with a large one.
Your size does not fit into the choice of size, no matter whether you are big or small :).

If you can not keep the egg at the beginning, do not get discouraged, it’s quite normal for beginners – start practicing by sitting and exercising Of toning of the perineum a few minutes
Have fun 🙂
The practice of Yoni’s eggs helps us to get in touch with our inner healer and build trusting relationships with our bodies.

Which stone to choose?
On the physical plane, it is a very hard and non-porous stone and it will not break if you drop accidentally when learning Yoni’s egg.

You can follow your intuition to choose your stone and then read the details of its qualities to reassure you otherwise let yourself carry simply according to your feelings.
If you still have trouble trusting you, read the description and see if this stone meets your needs and ask yourself the question: why you were attracted to it.

Holed eggs
Our eggs are mostly holed. The holed Yoni’s eggs have a small hole pierced through the narrow end.
You can choose to put a thread through which allows easy retrieval of the egg. We recommend the use of a neutral dental floss (not menthol for example) to hang the egg. Holed eggs can also be used wirelessly. We encourage you to trust your body, trust your intuition and trust the process of Yoni’s egg.
Letting the egg go is one of the hardest things to do for some of us, but it’s as difficult as it is important and rewarding.
Do not worry, it will not be “lost”! There is no harm in wearing it for 24 hours or more, and you can even have sex while it is inside of you.
Do you have difficulty figuring out holes vs not holes?
Is it uncomfortable to have a stone in her vagina? Absolutely not, at first you may not realize it because your sensitivity will not be developed yet.
By regularly inserting Yoni’s egg (like a tampon), you will begin to strengthen your pelvic floor and your sexual organs will be healthier, the energy will circulate better.
It’s up to you to experience this egg and its practice and become a more radiant woman;)
Important: Do not practice with a Yoni egg if you are pregnant or just after giving birth. A Yoni egg can be a wonderful practice to start after giving birth but make sure to consult your midwife or doctor before you start.
Remove the egg immediately if you experience discomfort.
Do not use the egg if you have a vaginal infection, vulva or bladder or if you have your period.

Different stones
Yoni egg ‘Lapis Lazuli’
Lapis Lazuli is since ancient times most exclusive gemstone. Deep blue coloured with golden flakes and a little white string eggs are mentioned to be spiritual stones which brings clear mind and a better communication and peace of mind. It also brings creativity, objectivity and is a smooth relationship builder. Good for troath and all fifth chakra related issues like thyroid problems, insomnia, high blood pressure, low immune system. Therefore this stone brings out emotions.

Also used:
Osteoporosis, migraine, multiple Sclerose, kidneys, liver, whiplash, regulates hormonal imbalances

Lapis Lazuli strong connection with the female energy. Brings acceptance of your partner.
Never clean lapis lazuli with water. Stone from Bolivia or Afghanistan, also called Saffier. Name lapis = blue stone

Werking Rozenkwarts
Rozenkwarts of rozekwarts staat voor oneindig resonerende vredigheid en onvoorwaardelijke liefde. Hoewel rozenkwarts en het hartchakra in basiskleur niet overeenstemmen, roze en groen, is rozenkwarts de ultieme steen voor het hartchakra. De roze weldoener onderwijst de ware essentie van liefde.
Rozenkwarts kalmeert, helpt traumaverwerking, zuivert het hart op alle niveaus en zorgt voor innerlijke genezing. Ze vergroot het zelfvertrouwen en eigenwaarde. De steen werkt sterk in op het hart chakra en opent het hart om liefde te ontvangen en om liefde te geven. De steen trekt harmonieuze liefdes- en vriendschappelijke relaties aan en bevordert ook eigenliefde en zelfacceptatie. Rozenkwarts heeft een milde, zachte werking en werkt kalmerend bij verdriet en trauma’s en bevordert empathie, openheid en behulpzaamheid. De steen maakt ontvankelijkheid voor alle soorten schoonheid en stimuleert creativiteit en fantasie. Fysiek heeft de steen een positieve werking op het hart, de geslachtsorganen, seksuele problemen, de vruchtbaarheid, borst- en longkwalen en voorkomt duizeligheid. Ook helpt rozenkwarts bij ouderdomskwalen zoals de ziekte van Alzheimer en Parkinson.
Door de vriendelijke en milde energie is Rozenkwarts een zeer geschikte steen voor baby’s en kinderen. Een ruw brok onder de wieg of het bed gelegd zorgt dat baby of kind zich veilig en geliefd voelt ‘s nachts en durft te vertrouwen op zijn of haar ouders. Ideaal voor kinderen die bang zijn om alleen te slapen. Rozenkwarts helpt ook zware negatieve energie te vervangen door liefdevolle lichtere varianten. Ze geneest rauwe emoties op een rustige begrijpende wijze.
De steen kan verkleuren in fel zonlicht. De steen word witter naarmate er veel energie aan onttrokken is. Laad haar op, geef liefde en de steen zal vol roze worden.
Sieraden op het hart gedragen kunnen problemen in relationele sfeer verzachten of oplossen.
4e chakra (hart, liefhebben)
Stier & Weegschaal
In de relatiehoek van de woning gelegd (vanaf de voordeur gezien rechts achterin) trekt het liefde in je leven aan en zorgt het voor een liefdevolle sfeer in huis en je relaties.
N.b. Natuurlijk zijn de stenen niet enkel voor de hier genoemde sterrenbeelden en chakra’s maar doen ze ook voor anderen hun werk. De genoemde chakra’s zijn waar de steen automatisch haar positieve eigenschappen inzet terwijl de sterrenbeelden die genoemd worden van nature uit extra behoefte aan de steen hebben. De steen doet zijn werk dus net zo goed voor ieder ander.
De benamingen die we bij de chakra’s gebruiken zoals overgave & geloof. Zijn afkomstig uit de Trance Healing. We gebruiken ze omdat het volgens ons de lading

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