Happiness as state of mind

Happiness as state of mind

Singapore, 29 November

Are you happy? Please invest time on more important things and stop reading. This is a letter to those who are feeling unhappy because of one or more reasons.

Normally yes, I really want to share but now I prefered to overthink first why you told me you feel exhausted, depressive and unhappy in work, family. You told me you miss the connection with yourself. Well, this is fine because we now know we need to connect with ourselves. Easy? No, but with a lot of discipline and perseverance, we will go there. Yes, a doses of confidence will do!

Especially in Shanghai I got into contact with people who celebrated daily happiness. I felt like being at home because this is something I share and really like to share with you.

– Search for happiness,

– Work hard,

– Love your family. No matter were they live, feel them in your heart.

Practicing yoga poses and same time not working on better relationsships, yoga will not bring what you are searching for and practicing pranayama and still smoking is a really funny combination and meditating and not sleeping same time means first work on a good nightsleep…yoga nidra works but even better is a massage by your partner. Guess we forgot what’s life all about.

Finally most important is to accept the emotions which occur with a smile and wait until they are gone. By the way, sad feelings don’t dissapear with a mouth hanging looking at Netflix. Or? And how many diets you have already tried, therapists. Go out and say ‘hello’ to your neighbours. Call or visit your parents (if alive) or get in touch with somebody else for a good conversation. Work with a spirit as if you are enjoying one of your favourite activities.  You better face the truth and take care:

– don’t be dissppointed about the past

– no expectations for the future

– feel satisfied

– open your heart like you meet for the first time

Still not ok? Ask me for a private class so I will show you the way how (or just ‘to accept’), please send me a message if you are interested.

Very kind regards, see you on the mat,

Marie-José Geurs van Geffen


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