Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra

We live in a world full of obligations, demands, competitiveness. Sometimes it is really difficult to put your mind at ease. If you are exposed to stress for a longer time, it gives so much tension in your system that your well being is influenced negatively. Depressions or burn-out symptoms will develop easily. Practicing yoga is a way to learn how to be more balanced, create happiness and peace of mind.

Yoga Nidra is a part of yoga called Pratyahara and a great way to relax on a deeper level. The only active senses during Yoga Nidra are feeling and listening. This proces in which the other senses are non active, are mentioned by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras mentioned Pratyahara. Emotional stress will be solved because this state of mind brings you closer to your real self.

They say ‘One hour Yoga Nidra is comparable with four hours of sleep’. During normal sleep, we are not aware of our body or external environment. In Yoga Nidra, you are aware.

Practising Yoga Nidra
You are lying down in Savasana and you only need to listen to my voice. My Yoga Nidra takes 50 minutes. Other native languages are no obstruction to experience this!

You are very welcome every Friday 19.30 pm



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